Google is searching for a way to be zero emissions all the time

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Buying enough clean energy to make up for your dirty energy is one thing; using all clean energy 24/7 is another, and it could signal a new approach.

Our time to move away from dirty energy to green sources is limited. Federal governments can’t be relied upon to push the conversion–especially not the one in the U.S., which is actively working against large-scale adoption of green energy. Much of the progress we’ve seen so far has come from big corporate energy buyers demanding carbon-free power. There is an ecological motivation, but it’s also driven by a desire to get in on the falling cost and high cost predictability of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

The largest corporate buyers are big tech companies that rely heavily on global networks of large power-hungry data centers, storing and serving up most of the internet’s digital content: videos and movies, webpages, search results. No surprise: Google is a gigantic energy hog, but it’s also currently the world’s largest buyer of renewable energy, in its various forms—over 3 gigawatts—according to a March report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. (This particular Fast Company article comes to you via a server hosted by Amazon Web Services, the world’s largest cloud provider and No. 2 on Bloomberg’s list; Microsoft, Apple, and the U.S. Department of Defense round out the current top 5.) Continue reading “Google is searching for a way to be zero emissions all the time”

Facebook Data Center Makes Good on Renewable Energy Pledge

Facebook is now closer to reaching their goal of 100 percent sustainability with a new data center.

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As Facebook continues planning the construction of future data centers, their goal remains to eventually have “100 percent clean and renewable energy in our mix for our entire operations,” said Lindsay Amos, Technology Communications Manager at Facebook. The Facebook data center in New Albany will help solidify the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Once achieved, Facebook will be joining the ranks of Netflix, Kohls, and REI which are currently sourcing 100 percent of their electricity from renewable energy.
Ohio’s Facebook Data Center
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